Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Fun, silly emails and animations

I love animations. I love silly emails. I love funny emails. I don't feel they're a waste of my precious time. I don't feel they're frivolous or childish. And I don't feel it's a time or productivity waster. If they provide a brief respite, make me smile or laugh and help rejuvenate me, then that's a good thing. A very good thing.

It means I'm apt to approach my work with renewed vigor and be a happier person. Happy people have less conflict with customers/clients, co-workers and vendors, so a happy employee has to be good thing. Something that's just plain dumb, so dumb that I have to laugh at it, still has merit. It's served the purpose of removing me for a moment, from whatever may be troubling me.

Endorphins are released when I'm smiling and laughing and, guess what, endorphins are a good thing. We all need to de-stress and enjoy life more fully. Sadness and happiness are not polarized emotions. We cannot experience one, without fully experiencing the other. So having said this, go to snow globe, a cute site spouse turned me onto and have a few chuckles!

Snow Globe

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