Friday, December 03, 2004

Better Fridays

I've had better Fridays...I was off today and decided to run errands with my mom. Let's just say, we didn't agree things and couldn't agree to disagree, so the day went steadily downhill from there. I returned home feeling very sad, upset and disappointed about how terrible the day had turned out.

Add to this, my error in uninstalling Roxio Easy CD Creator 5.0 Platinum. I did not intend to do this, but in my haste that's what happened. Long story short, I long ago lost the cardboard CD sleeve for the CD. Guess what, I need a TSID number, which the on screen installation instructs me can be found on the CD's case. Yup, the very case I no longer have - I am royally screwed! Anyone have an old copy of Roxio's version five they'd like to sell me for cheap?

I tell you, if the Lord didn't help me as much as He does, I'd be totally lost. He guides me as best He can, but I'm a special needs case! LOL I probably give the Lord so many headaches, even He sighs when He hears my voice.

The save of the day came when spouse arrived home. I did laundry and sat outside with Buddah and fiddled around the house. Neither of us had eaten since breakfast - mom didn't want to have lunch with me even - so, we decided to dine at a favorite Thai restaurant. Dinner was exquisite, leisurely and calming. We must've talked for two hours and then headed to the 99 Cent Store.

I suppose all chain stores are supposed to carry the same merchandise. However the Pasadena location had a larger variety and nicer garland, decorations and platters. B's job loves to decorate (remember Halloween?), so we ended up buying $50 in decorations, which the company will reimburse. The thing is, I had such an enjoyable time picking what to buy and coordinating the color scheme, etc. It was the lift I needed today.

We drove back to B's job to deliver the decorations and then stopped at a Michaels to do more shopping! We took our time, laughed and bought Buddah his Christmas bowl. It's a cat angel and, of course, it's cute! We cruised Old Town Pasadena and took the scenic route home. It's so clear tonight, that we could see Century City from the foothills of Glendale, an approximate 20 mile distance. Truly remarkable and spectacular.

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